Community Projects

CSA 29 has recently completed several parks and community projects benefitting local citizens including:

Upgrades to the arena surfacing at Midway Park, as well as the installation of an irrigation system for the arena


Installation of Defibrillator units at both the Community  Center and Senior Center


Installation of generator and lighting system at Crossroads BMX track.


Installation of restroom building at Lucerne Valley Memorial Park


Installation of Gazebo at Lucerne Valley Memorial Park


Upgrades to landscaping and driveways at Lucerne Valley Memorial Park.


Installation of new flooring at Community Center Kitchen and Restrooms


Installation of new HVAC units at Community Center


Installation of Community Events sign


Remodel of Midway Park recreation building restrooms

County Supervisor Mitzelfelt continues to provide local support in the way of Community Development Block Grant Funding and other project funds aimed at improving the infrastructure of the local Community Service Area toward increased/enhanced recreation and leisure service programming. Please check out the exciting list of projects below for a quick overview, and call the CSA 29 office for further details.

CSA 29 is near completion on the following projects:

Remodel of Kitchen at Community Center including stainless steel cabits and appliances
Remodel of Community Center restrooms including stainless steel partitions
Remodel of Midway Park recreation building exterior

CSA 29 will be completing the following projects by Fall, 2011:

Remodel of Midway Park recreation building interior.


Addition of offices at Lucerne Valley Senior Center

CSA 29 will be completing the following project
by Summer, 2012

Installation of playground equipment at Midway Park.

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